A Palestinian Delegation Arrives in Poland to Participate in the World Youth Day Convention

A Palestinian delegation from the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, and Al-Jalil, arrived to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, to participate in the World Youth Day convention with Pope Francis. This convention takes place from 25-31 of July, in the city of Krakow.

The delegation included over 400 participants that will join hundreds of thousands of youths from different parts of the world. The General Secretariat of the Christian youth in Palestine will be supervising the delegation, in affiliation with the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. During the welcoming of the delegation, the governor of northern Poland, Father Martin Schmidt, and a number of coordinators that organized the convention were present.

The delegation took place in the city of Torun, near the capital of Warsaw, where a media conference was held in order to introduce the latest developments witnessed regarding the Palestinian case, as well as, the difficulties that Palestinian youths undergoe. Spiritual leader, Father Bashar Fawadleh, informed the Christian youth students of Palestine: “Throughout our participation in World Youth Day, we convey this suffering to the hundreds of thousand participants from different parts of the world; and our message is a message of mercy from countries that have lost mercy. We hope to carry with us mercy throughout these days to our Palestinian people.” The delegation also organized Palestinian folk dabke performances, as well as, presented episodes pertaining to the Palestinian case.

The Palestinian delegation included the youngest participant in the World Youth Day convention, George Mughannam Ghannam, who does not exceed the age of 5 months. The Palestinian participants witnessed the presence of Polish and global media convoys which covered the activities of this global event.

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