Fr. Gabriel Naddaf Does Not Represent Christians or Christianity in the Holy Land

The Higher Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine expresses its concerns about the amounts of harmful political activities carried out by Gabriel Naddaf. Especially, his tours in America and Europe, and the statements he declared against the Palestinian people and his claims about the Aramaic nation of Christians and other allegations.

Although the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem disclaimed his positions and his statements and stripped him from his religious duties, he still continues his activities with full cooperation and support of the Israeli government; specifically it’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

We are in the Committee; confirm that Gabriel Naddaf is not a representative of Christians or speaking in their names. We commend to his activities aimed at creating discord and isolate Palestinian Christians of their environment and society as a composite national basic compound of the Palestinian society and an integral part of their own people who suffer from the occupation policies and oppression and discrimination defended by the priest.

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