Sex Scandals and Financial Dishonors of Gabriel Nadav

Israeli TV, Channel Two News, recently exposed “the recruitment priest” sex scandals and financial dishonors. For more than five years, the priest aimed to fool the youths of Palestine of 48, and in particular, the Christians, in order to enlist them in the Israeli army of occupation. The priest is facing a wide range of protests, making his campaign result in inadequate results. This is not the first scandal that has implicated him, as his “personal assistant” was also involved in the sexual and financial extortion.

We are referencing Naim Nadav, the priestly “Gabriel Nadav”, who comes from the city of Nazareth, from an Arab Orthodox community. The Community Council of Nazareth issued an interdict against him, over four years ago, depriving him from entering the Greek Orthodox Church in the Old City, “The Church of Annunciation”. While the Israeli Authority pressured the Orthodox Patriarchate from eradicating Nadav from priesthood, Nadav remained an outcast from the consensus members of the community.

Nadav invented a nationality for Palestinian Arabs, called “Aramaic Nationalism”, with ministers from the “Likud Party” and ministers from other right winged Israeli parties. He claims that in the past four years, one statistic claimed that 13 people have changed their nationality. Thus, another statistic shows that 40 people have changed their nationality from total of 130,000 Christian Palestinians of 48. The number of Christian Palestinian recruits in the Israeli Army does not exceed a few tens of new members annually. The phenomenon does not stop there, as the total barely makes up a percentage.

The television forecast presented a dialogue on one of the social media networks with one of the priest’s followers. The dialogue revealed that the priest was receiving sexual and financial bribes from those needing exit permits from the West Bank to the 1948 zones. Due to Nadav’s ties with the Israeli government and the Israeli army, it was clear and without a doubt, that the accusations against Nadav are accurate.

The “recruitment priest” responded to Channel Two by claiming that his rivals opposing recruitment are hatching a “conspiracy” against him. Nadav asserted that he took a lie detector test and passed; however, Channel Two reveals otherwise. With Nadav’s consent, Channel Two conducted a lie detecting screening exam by the president of the Workers Union, which disclosed that Nadav was in fact, lying. To verify the test, two experts were asked to confirm. Both experts, along with the president of the Workers Union, said that Nadav failed the lie detector test. Moreover, Nadav lied about every question asked on the exam by the television channel.

During this time, the Israeli government chooses 1 out of 14 Israelis to light the candle on the 11th of May, on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The chosen Israelis light the candles as “torches of independence” for their “pride in the state of Israel!” This marks the anniversary of the Nakbe, or what is called the Israeli “establishment of Israel”.  A deputy from the Keenest of the Meretz Party demanded that Nadav withdraw his participation in this ceremony. However, one of Nadav’s friends and supporters, Miri Regev, a racist extremist and the Minister of Culture, announced to the radio that Nadav will continue to participate in the ceremony. The facts remain compromised.

In contrast, the Israeli Police announced the initiation of an investigation with this priest. This is not the first case that the priest was involved in, as it was preceded by his “personal assistant”, who is facing charges of sexual and financial blackmail of women whose children were sought as a means of recruitment to the Israeli Army of occupation.

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