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The demolition of our homes will not prevent us from clinging to our land.

Dr. Ramzi Khoury, Director General of the Palestinian National Fund and President of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine, condemns yet another ethnic cleansing crime carried out by the Israeli Government in Al-Makhrour area,  Beit Jala. A crime following the demolition of 100 apartments in Wadi al-Hummus last month, demolitions in Bir Aouna and the seizure of lands in the Cremisan valley.

In a statement, Dr. Khoury said “the Israeli government is trying in all ways to pressure the Palestinian people to forcibly displace them from their lands by demolishing houses in the West Bank area and occupied Jerusalem, the last of which was the demolition of the house and restaurant in Al-Makhrour , Beit Jala. The demolition of our homes will not prevent us from clinging to our land, the goal of the occupation has become clear, we are dealing with a racist apartheid government , that seeks to wipe anything Arabic in favour of a jewish state.”

Dr.Khoury called on the international community, the Security Council and the International Criminal Court to immediately intervene and hold Israel accountable for these crimes and violations that violate the international law and conventions of all human rights that criminalize the expulsion and displacement of people from their land.

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