On a solidarity visit to Al-Makhrour and Cremisan area, Dr.Khoury said: “We will remain in our lands and nothing will break us”.

Minister Dr. Ramzi Khoury, Director-General of the Palestinian National Fund and President of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine, met with a number of public and religious officials in the Bethlehem governorate.

Dr. Khoury met with the Qaisia ​​family, a Christian family whose house and restaurant were demolished in  al-Makhrour area in Beit Jala by the Israeli occupation forces. These violations are part of the occupying governments plan to unite the Gosh Atzion settlement with Har Gilo settlement passing through Al-Makhrour.

Dr.Khoury expressed his solidarity with the afflicted family, pointing out that the occupying government is working hard by all means to pressure all Palestinians, Christians and Muslims to forcibly displace them from their lands. These breaches and demolitions of facilities under false pretexts are similar to what happened in Wadi-Humus.

Dr. Khoury stressed that the Palestinian people will not yield to the aggressions of the occupying power and expressed the support of the Committee to the Qaisia family by any means to strengthen their resilience and survival of their land.

The delegation then met with the Salesian Regional Inspector of the Middle East Fr. Alejandro Leon to talk on the situation and problems   the Cremisan Monastery and region are facing by the Israeli Government.

Dr. Khoury was accompanied by the  representative of the Custody Of The Holy Land in Palestine, Father Ibrahim Faltas. Mayor of Beit Sahour and member of the Committee Mr. Jihad Kheir. Mayor of Beit Jala and member of the Committee, Mr. Nicola Khamis. General Manager of the Committee Ambassador Amira Hanania, and committee members of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour Municipalities

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