The Presidential Committee meets with representatives of institutions and Churches in the Bethlehem Governorate.

His Excellency Dr. Ramzi Khoury, Director General of the Palestinian National Fund and President of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs, met with the Governor of Bethlehem Mr. Kamel Hameed, to follow up  on issues regarding land violations, settlements and to address these violations within a legal perspective  in cooperation with the Presidential Committee and Palestinian security services, they also discussed the importance of strengthening the judiciary and the speedy resolution of unsettled cases. The President of the Committee explained the efforts of the Committee to refute the allegations and lies of the Israeli occupation, especially at the international level against the State of Palestine.

Moreover, the Committee met with the Mayor of Bethlehem and the member of the Presidential Committee, Mr. Anton Salman. Where they discussed the restorations of the Nativity Church and preservation of the Status Quo.  

Highlighting the importance of Palestinian youth development, the committee also met with representatives of “Baqoon”, a  Palestinian folk dance group in Beit Sahour municipality in the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Jihad Kheir, and members of the municipal council. The Mayor noted the importance of supporting the youth in capacity building and enhance youth initiatives to protect the Palestinian heritage.

He also met with Bethlehem Governorate Police Director Colonel Tariq Al-Hajj, and the region’s national security commander, General Nader Omar, praising the efforts of the Palestinian security services in maintaining security, protecting  citizens and in securing all national and religious events.Dr. Khoury  acknowledged  the  cooperation and continuous work with the Presidential Committee in preserving and implementing  the Status Quo and the efforts to prevent disputes over land ownership within the governorate.

Furthermore the committee visited The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem and met with Rev.Dr. Munther Isaac, Pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church. Mr. Anton Nassar, Principle of Dar al-Kalima  evangelical Lutheran School and Church council members Mr. Adel Khader and Mr. Adel Nasser. In The meeting, they discussed the needs of the Lutheran community  and ways to support and strengthen the Lutheran presence in the Bethlehem Governorate.

The President was accompanied by Ambassador Amira Hanania, General Manager of the Presidential Committee and Mr. Bassem Badra, Director of the Committee’s Office in Bethlehem.

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