The Committee of Churches Affairs holds a meeting in Jericho.

Dr. Ramzi Khoury, Director General of the Palestinian National Fund, and president  of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs, met this evening with Major General Jihad Abu Al-Asal, Governor of Jericho and the Jordan Valley, in the presence of Major General Jibril Rajoub, president of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, along with Ambassador Issa Kassissieh, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Vatican and Ambassador Amira Hanania, General Manager of the Committee,  as well as social and national institutions and security services in Jericho.

Dr.Khoury conveyed the greetings of His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas and addressed on the work of the Committee at the local and international level.

The meeting was held to discuss and arrange all the details necessary for the Christmas parade, which will be launched under the full sponsorship of the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs, and will pass from four governorates in Palestine, Jericho being one of them.

His Excellency stressed the importance of the Christmas parade passing through Jericho as it is the first gate of Palestine, bringing joy to all and showing the world how the Palestinians with its Muslims and Christians celebrate together the birth of Jesus Christ.

 During the meeting, Dr.Khoury expressed the full readiness of the committee to support any activities that would promote the values ​​of coexistence.

The Governor of Jericho welcomed the visit and praised the committee’s efforts on serving the needs of the Palestinian society and commended the committee’s decision to choose Jericho to be among the governorates to be visited by the Christmas parade, which will bring all the people of Jericho together in celebration. He stressed the readiness of the governorate with its security services and institutions to provide all that’s necessary to turn this celebration into a great success.

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