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The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs condemns the Secretary of State’s statement on Israeli settlements.

The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine condemns the remarks made by the United States’ State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, on Israeli settlements, claiming that “they are not in contrast with international law”.

Dr. Ramzi Khoury, the committee’s president and general director of the Palestinian National Fund, reiterates the announcement of mike Pompeo considering it a blatant bias and direct support for Israeli settlements, occupation and land confiscation which are clear violations of international resolutions related to the Palestinian issue, especially UN Security Council Resolution (UNSC) No. 2334

The committee affirmed that the declaration, which is an extension of Trump’s administration’s aggressive policy towards the rights of the Palestinian people with its Islamic and Christian holy sites, poses a challenge to the international community and the UN resolutions and replace international law with the “law of the jungle.”

The Committee called upon the international community with its institutions and churches to condemn the ignominious declaration which poses a threat to the stability, security, and peace in the Middle East, which will guarantee the Palestinian people their right of return and establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

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