The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai: The Deal of the Century is a sign of war, hatred and destruction.

During his contemplative prayers on Thursday evening, January 30, the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rai expressed his disappointment on the so called “deal of the century”, describing it as a sign of war, hatred and oppression.

“Today we mention in our prayers the reality of the Holy Land, the land on which our Saviour Jesus Christ was born and on which the Holy Trinity was revealed, where the act of salvation and redemption took place and the Church was established and from where the Holy Gospel was launched into the world”. He added, “We cannot accept for this land to become the land of iron and fire.”

“We will not accept nor bear a decision made by a person, who has decided to put the history aside and the reality of coexistence throughout the years of Christians, Muslims and Jews living together on the Holy Land in Gods will, this land will not bear this political decision by the American administration or the American President”.

The Patriarch concluded: “We pray today that God will spare us from evil because of this project and this decision made by the American President and we pray for the sake of the tormented people. There is no peace if a person is not respected for his rights and dignity and no peace by injustice and force, we ask the Lord of peace to open the hearts of all and give them the responsibility to build peace on the Holy land as it is Gods will, so that peace will prevail in the whole world”.

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