Press Release

LWF Council statement insists on international human rights instruments

(LWI) – The continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, and the escalating violence including killing of innocent victims threatens people’s lives, human rights and dignity, and violates international humanitarian laws and principles. With no solution reached thus far, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has renewed its call for peace and justice for all.

In a statement from its Council meeting this week, the LWF urged the international community to “redouble its efforts toward finding a lasting solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The statement affirmed the presence of Christians in the region including the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.

The governing body referred to the critical life-saving services provided by the Augusta Victoria Hospital, which are often threatened by a recurring financial crisis that is directly linked to the conflict. The Council called on donors, particularly the United States of America and the European Union to provide the necessary and timely finances to support the LWF-run hospital. Meanwhile, the EU has announced that the much-delayed 2021 allocation to the Palestinian Authority, which includes funds earmarked for AVH, can be disbursed rapidly

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