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‏The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs condemns the attack on saint Elias Monastery in Haifa

The statement was issued by its chairman, Dr. Ramzi Khouri, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He pointed out the escalating attacks on Islamic and Christian holy sites and the attempts by extremist settlers to fabricate narratives and myths about religious sites that have no basis in reality. These actions are part of the deliberate policy of Israeli right wing Goverment .

‏Khouri emphasized that the attacks on these holy sites are a result of the international community’s silence regarding the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people. He called for the United Nations to take responsibility and hold Israel accountable for its violations of international laws and norms.

‏It’s worth noting that the monastery has been under attack by settlers for several months, spurred by a Jewish religious figure’s false claim of the existence of traces of the Prophet Elijah beneath the church. These attacks coincide with the celebration of saint Elias’ feast day, attracting worshipers and visitors to the church.


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