On Behalf of Dr. Khouri, Daibes participated in the 26th International Conference of Dar Al Kalima University in Bethlehem

Representing Dr. Ramzi Khouri, Member of the PLO Executive Committee and Head of the Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine, Dr. Kholoud Daibes took part in the opening session of the 26th International Conference of Dar Al Kalima University, themed ‘Land, People, and Culture’, held on the Bethlehem Campus.

In her address on behalf of Khouri, Daibes conveyed the greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas and emphasized the significance of organizing and hosting conferences within Palestine, particularly in Bethlehem. She stressed that the enduring suffering of the Palestinian people, spanning more than 75 years, must come to an end. A just and lasting solution is imperative to rectify the historical injustices inflicted on the Palestinian people for decades. Daibes emphasized that this cannot be realized until world leaders forsake double standards and hold Israel accountable for its crimes. She warned that settler attacks on Muslim and Christian sites are increasing and condoned by the Israeli government.

In conclusion, Daibes thanked Rev. Mitri Raheb, President of Dar Al Kilama University, for the invitation and called upon international participants to exert pressure on their governments to hold Israel accountable and uphold the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

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