The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine praises the initiative of the Patriarch Theophilos of the Holy City of Jerusalem for taking a mediation mission aimed at addressing the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Dr. Ramzi Khouri, member of the PLO Executive Committee and Head of the Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine emphasized the universal right to live in safety. He called upon world leaders to actively pursue peace and justice, highlighting the significance of Jerusalem as a mediator in resolving the conflict and echoing the Palestinian people’s plea for genuine peace and justice.

Khouri also underlined the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians, particularly Christians, due to mounting harassment and attacks by Israel and its settlers.

The Higher Presidential Committee For Churches Affairs in Palestine stressed that the initiative, launched from the Vatican with the Pope’s blessing, conveys a compelling message to the world: the need to end conflicts, alleviate the suffering of the nations, and strengthen civil peace.

Furthermore, the committee affirms the importance of resolving the Russia-Ukraine conflict for preserving the unity of the Orthodox Church and countering division. The initiative garnered positive responses in Russia, with the Russian Orthodox Church welcoming dialogue and supporting the Holy See’s efforts for comprehensive discussions within global Orthodoxy

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