Press Release

CWM Demands Immediate Ceasefire in Palestine, Restoring Peace with Justice

The Council for World Mission (CWM) condemns, in the strongest terms, Israel’s atrocious siege of occupied Palestine that has been uprooting, displacing, and killing innocent civilians and destroying their homes. While the Hamas militants’ acts of violence against Israeli civilians in kidnapping and killing are inhumane, Israel’s egregious siege of Palestine, in particular of the people of Gaza, is even more inhumane and must be condemned.

The Israeli military’s evacuation order to relocate 1.1 million people is disastrous, threatening the lives of innocent people. The unfolding humanitarian crisis is unprecedented due to the total blockade of central supplies like food, water, medicine, and electricity. The complete blockade of Gaza, wilfully leading innocent people to starvation and death, is a crime against humanity under international law. It is nothing but a genocide of an innocent population of over one million.

The current vicious cycle of violence indicates that the Israeli government shows no respect for international law and no value for human life. It indicates that they are determined to wipe out the entire population of occupied Palestine. The continued suffering of the people in Gaza, along with the loss of innocent lives, is a distressing humanitarian crisis that demands immediate attention from the international community. We are, therefore, compelled to raise our collective voices and demand the following:

We call upon both Hamas and Israel for an immediate ceasefire and end to the violence. It is crucial for both Hamas and the Israeli government to unequivocally denounce any attempts at war, genocide, invasion, or the use of violence as a means to resolve this conflict.

We demand Israel immediately stop the blockade and allow delivery and access to humanitarian aid. Ensuring access to food, clean water, medical care, and shelter is a moral imperative.

We demand all parties adhere to international law, including the protection of civilians and their human rights. Israel must be held accountable by the global community for violating international law through the ongoing total siege.

We demand the Israeli government stop their constant control, surveillance, and violence against innocent civilians in Palestine by upholding freedom, autonomy, and human dignity. Using digital media platforms to spread fabricated information and hatred of Palestine must stop.

We call upon the nations for their shameless silence over the Israeli atrocities against innocent civilians. we expose and condemn the culpability of the USA and UK, the main drivers of the modern military empire, now joined by the EU, in continuously aiding and abetting the Israeli settler apartheid system.

We join with all the voices across the globe in building peoples’ power to thwart the imperialist designs in the Middle East, to stop the siege of Gaza and to put a total end to the occupation of Palestine.

“He shall judge between the nations,

and shall arbitrate for many peoples;

they shall beat their swords into plowshares,

and their spears into pruning hooks;

nation shall not lift up sword against nation,

neither shall they learn war any more.” (Isaiah 2:4 NRSV)


We come before you with heavy hearts, seeking your peace and justice amidst the escalating turmoil in Gaza. We pray for those who have been wounded and killed, those whose lives are torn apart, and those victims of the hospital blast. Grant them strength and comfort, shelter them from harm, and enable them to grow in a world free from violence. We pray for justice to prevail and that your people in occupied Gaza may find their voices heard. Help us remember that every life is sacred, and in our quest for peace and justice, may we see the inherent dignity in all your children. Grant wisdom and compassion to all the people in Palestine and Israel that they may find the path to lasting peace. Strengthen the resolve of peacemakers, both near and far, as they work tirelessly to build bridges of hope for a new and flourishing life.

Lord, have mercy!

In the name of Jesus, we pray, Amen!

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