Churches in Bethlehem Deliver Strong Message to President Biden: “Time for Justice and Dignity in the ”Holy Land

Representatives of churches in Bethlehem have sent a compelling message to U.S. President Joe Biden, delivered to his council of advisers. The message, also handed to the U.S. Congress and Senate, urges concerted efforts and pressure to end the war and work towards achieving security, stability, peace, and justice in the Holy Land.

In their message, the church representatives stated that for 75 years, the Holy Land has endured pain in its quest for peace, emphasizing that now is the time for justice and for everyone to live with dignity. The letters coincided with the world preparing for the joyous Christmas season, which, in Bethlehem, has turned into a season of sorrow, death, and despair due to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe caused by the war. All Christmas celebrations have been canceled for this year.

The message strongly condemned all forms of violence and killing targeting civilians, asserting that every person, regardless of their religion or nationality, has the right to live a dignified and better life as an image of God on Earth.

Highlighting continuous calls from church leaders to avoid war and work towards a peace founded on justice, the message stressed that the Holy Land has been suffering for 75 years in pursuit of peace and justice. The representatives asserted that it is high time for everyone to live with dignity, security, and stability. They emphasized that peace and security cannot be achieved with ongoing blockade, violence, and war, and underscored the necessity of justice and equality.

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