WCC calls for upholding the rights of Armenian community in Jerusalem

These incidents, particularly the recent egregious attack in the Cows’ Garden, signal a distressing escalation of violence and the severe infringement of the rights and dignities of the communities in the Armenian Quarter,” said Pillay. “The systematic attempts to occupy the land by force and violence are profoundly unjust.”

Armenian priests were among those injured in a mob attack in Cows’ Garden on 28 December.

“Such actions contravene the moral imperatives of peace and justice that are central to the teachings of all faiths,” said Pillay. “We call upon the international community and local authorities to respond with immediate and decisive action.”

Pillay concluded: “It is imperative to uphold the rights of all people and to prevent any forced displacements, ensuring the preservation of the diverse cultural and religious tapestry that defines Jerusalem and Palestinian territories. The World Council of Churches stands in unwavering solidarity with the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem. We pray for a just peace and for the strength and resilience of the communities under threat.”

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