The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs receives a letter from His Holiness Pope Francis for the celebration of the 54th World Day of Peace.

His Excellency Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalem and Palestine,delivered the letter of His Holiness Pope Francis to His Excellency Minister Dr. Ramzi Khoury, President of the Committee.

Dr.Khoury stated that the message of His Holiness should be an example to all World leaders in building bridges to bring peace and end all conflicts especially in Palestine, which has been under occupation for decades, calling on World leaders to show solidarity and stand by the Palestinian people who have the right to attain their freedom and independence.

Dr.Khoury added, “With full gratitude we extend our appreciation to His Holiness the Pope, the Man of Peace, who stands by our just cause and the importance of our freedom. We want real peace based on justice, peace that does not detract from anyone’s right and is not built on the ruins of the Palestinian people, but is based on international legitimacy and the preservationof the national fabric.

His Excellency conveyed the Christmas greetings to His Holiness the Pope praying for God Almighty to bless His Holiness with health, wellness and strength to continue his message which brings peace and justice to all.

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