During an official visit to Belgium, the Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine calls for an immediate ceasefire and recognition of the State of Palestine.

The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine has called for an immediate action to put an end to Israel’s assault on Gaza and to provide international protection for the Palestinian people. This appeal comes in response to the unfolding genocide resulting from Israel’s waged war on Gaza, extrajudicial executions and escalating settler violence in the West Bank, and the systematic targeting of Muslims and Christians sites in occupied Jerusalem.
This call to action was made during the official visit of the committee’s delegation to Brussels. The delegation, comprising of Amira Hanania, representative and member of the Higher Presidential Committee in Europe, Dr. Mitri Raheb, president and founder of Dar Al Kalima University, Dr. Jack Sara, president of Bethlehem Bible College and Abdul Rahim Al Farra, ambassador of Palestine to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg.
The delegation held sperate meetings with Belgian State Minister and Member of the Chamber of Representative, André Flahaut and the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Belgian Federal Parliament, Els Van Hoof.
During the meetings, the delegation underscored the plight of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation, shedding light on the war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. They also drew attention to the intentional targeting and bombing of churches and mosques in Gaza, resulting in significant damage and loss of innocent lives in some Christian institutions. The delegation stressed that Palestinian Muslims and Christians share the same destiny, facing the impact of Israeli killing machine and united in their struggle for freedom and independence.
The delegation expressed appreciation for Belgium’s supportive stance towards an immediate ceasefire and called for not only the recognition of the State of Palestine, but also the imposition of sanctions on Israel for its war crimes against the Palestinian people.
For her part, Els Van Hoof noted the ongoing effort within the Belgian parliament to draft a resolution advocating for an immediate ceasefire and the recognition of a Palestinian state.

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