The Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine: The European Union and all countries around the world to take swift and decisive action to stop the massacres perpetrated by Israel

The Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine urges that the European Union and all countries around the world to take swift and decisive action to stop the aggression and massacre perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. This call was made during a meeting of the committee’s delegation, including the representative and member of the committee in Europe, Amira Hanania, the founder and president of Dar Al-Kalima University, Dr. Mitri Rahib, and the president of Bethlehem Bible College, Dr. Jack Sara. The delegation met with Margarete Auken, Deputy Head of the European Palestinian Relations Committee from the Green Party, in the presence of the Palestinian Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and European Union, Abdul Rahim Al-Farra.

The delegation briefed the Deputy Head of the European Palestinian Relations Committee on the dire situation in the Gaza Strip, as result of Israel’s unjust war. Sor far, more than 17,000 Palestinians have been killed, many of them women and children, the forced displacement of thousands and thousands of Palestinians, due to Israeli relentless bombardment, the collapse of the health sector, exacerbated by the severe shortages of medicines, power interruptions due to the blockage of fuel and medical supplies, and targeting of hospitals, medical crews and ambulances.

The delegation emphasized that the suffering of the Palestinian people extends beyond Gaza. The occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem is subject to fierce aggression by Israeli occupation forces and settlers. Muslim and Christian holy sites are constantly being targeted, the contentious invasions of Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps, the arbitrary detention of Palestinians, extrajudicial executions and home demolitions. The meeting addressed the concerning stance of the European Union, particularly regarding the tightening of aid to the Palestinians, reflecting a bias toward the Israeli narrative.

The delegation stressed that achieving security and stability in the region requires serious efforts to achieve a just peace, granting the Palestinian people all their legitimate rights as stipulated by international legitimacy. This includes the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on the borders of June 4, 1967, which should serve as the starting point, not the conclusion, of the political process.

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