Khouri attends Ramadan Iftar hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II Khouri expressed gratitude, stating “We deeply appreciate your tireless efforts to bring an end to the war in Gaza and commend your steadfast guardianship over Muslim and Christian Holy Sites.”

Member of the PLO Executive Committee and Head of the Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine, Dr. Ramzi Khouri attended the Ramadan Iftar hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan. The Iftar was attended by representatives of the Islamic Waqf, Heads and Patriarchs of Churches in the Holy Land, as well as, political, diplomatic, and national figures.

Khouri conveyed warm greetings from His Excellency President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian people to His Majesty, extending heartfelt congratulations on the advent of the Holy Month of Ramadan, as well as on the occasions of the approaching Eid al-Fitr and Easter.
Khouri praised the dedicated efforts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in defending the Palestinian people and its tireless efforts to end the genocide in Gaza. He underscored the dire situation faced by the Palestinian people in Gaza due to Israel’s aggression and relentless campaigns of starving the Palestinian people and denying them basic rights as guaranteed in international law. Khouri also commended His Majesty’s role in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people through aid airdrop initiatives. Furthermore, he addressed the expansion of Israeli settlements, ongoing violations, and daily invasions of cities and villages in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem.
Highlighting the paramount significance of the Hashemite custodianship in safeguarding Muslim and Christian Holy Sites, particularly al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Khouri emphasized its pivotal role in supporting the steadfastness of Palestinian Jerusalemites against Israel’s colonial efforts to Judaize the city, through systematic plans to alter the city’s legal, historic and religious status and settlement encroachment.
On behalf of the Committee and its members, Khouri extended best wishes for continued progress and prosperity to His Majesty and the brotherly Jordanian people.

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