Khouri and Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa Take Part in the Reception of the Holy Fire in Ramallah

Member of the PLO Executive Committee and Head of the Higher Presidential Committee for Church Affairs in Palestine, Dr. Ramzi Khouri, took part in the reception of the Holy Fire at the Greek Orthodox Transfiguration Church as it arrived from the Church of Holy Sepluchre in Jerusalem. Present were Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa, Governor of Ramallah and al-Bireh Laila Ghannam, Mayor of Ramallah Issa Qassis, Patriarchal Representative Archimandrite Elias Awwad, Sheikh Majed Saqer, and local priests.

Khouri conveyed greetings to the resilient Palestinian people in Gaza, saying “We will not forget you, Gaza”, expressing a collective hope for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. 

Prime Minister Mostafa extended warm wishes to all Palestinians on this significant and religious occasion, wishing an end to the Israeli occupation and the realization of the Palestinian people’s aspirations for freedom and independence.

Governor Ghannam paid tributes to the martyrs of Gaza amidst Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza, particularly those of St. Porphyrius Church and the Baptist hospital, emphasizing that this national occasion is to celebrate the son of Palestine, Jesus Christ.

Mayor Qassis lamented that this year’s Muslim and Christian celebrations alike were overshadowed by the unfolding genocide in Gaza.

Sheikh Majed Saqer underscored the vital unity and shared destiny of the Palestinian people, stating that our celebrations remain incomplete, as long as Gaza suffers and the rights of the Palestinian people are not realized.

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