The Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine commends the unwavering support of Pope Francis of the Palestinian people and urges world leaders to adopt his moral position.

Dr. Ramzi Khouri, member of the PLO Executive Committee an and Head of the Higher Presidential Committee for Churches Affairs in Palestine expressed gratitude, on behalf of the committee, for His Holiness Pope Francis for welcoming a Palestinian delegation consisting of families of residents of Gaza and actual residents, who managed to escape the besieged Gaza Strip and listening to their plight, in addition to his principled stance against the historical injustice suffered by the Palestinian people.

In a released statement, the committee highlighted the Pope’s repeated calls for an immediate ceasefire, the facilitation of humanitarian aid into Gaza, and his openness to receiving a Palestinian delegation to brief him on the dire situation in Gaza resulting from the Israeli aggression.

The Pope expressed support for the ceasefire agreement during his Sunday sermon on November 26th, referring to it as a means to initiate dialogue and bring an end to the war.

Emphasizing that the Pope is actively monitoring the devastating situation in Gaza, the committee stresses his continuous communication with church officials to ensure the well-being of the forcibly displaced Palestinians seeking shelter in the church

The committee appeals to world leaders and heads of churches to adopt Pope Francis’s stance, uphold moral and humanitarian values, reject the heinous crimes committed against the Palestinian people, and actively work towards a just solution for the Palestinian people that guarantees dignity, freedom, and self-determination. The committee quotes the Pope’s statement from the meeting with the Palestinian delegation: “War is a defeat and evil.”

It is noteworthy that in a recent conversation with President Mahmoud Abbas this month, the Pope discussed the severe repercussions of this brutal war on the Palestinian people in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. He stressed the urgency of attaining peace, ending the war in the region and the world and the immediate delivery of humanitarian assistance. Expressing deep sorrow for civilian casualties, he pledged to maintain communication with President Abbas for further consultations.

For his part, President Abbas conveyed his immense appreciation for the Pope’s role and effort in establishing peace in our region and the world

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